My job is not only to create something with you but also add decisive value. I provide my help & skills in multiple fields. 

Corporate Design

One of THE best things is to create a full brand-identity from scratch. And I don't refer just to the design process, I mean adding genuine value to companies and people.

My approach is to make it as minimal & usable as possible. And if you want sparkling buttons and interactive gimmicks, I guarantee my programmer-friends can cope with it.

Image Editing

I learned to handle Photoshop by pushing all rulers to the max, followed by pushing them all to zero. Over the years I found the 'golden middle' and techniques to enhance pictures in various exciting ways.

Editorial Design

Isn't 'crafting something real' one of the most fulfilling feelings? I mean smth. raw, that you can hold in your bare hands and show it to the world while feeling genuine pride.

Presentation Design

The amount of ... bland slideshows and tedious presentations is too damn high! I mean, 'a presentation' is an amazing opportunity to enrich people's time in a captivating way.

Design as a process: One hurtful step back, a couple of steps forward. Following working-process has proven to generate optimum results:

The way I work

step 1      

First meetup &
project overview


I think it is essential to get to know the person(s) behind the project. What is the idea, the desire the main goal? A simple "hi" can turn out into something wonderful.

step 2      

leadoff concepts &
first feedback


My work starts with listening, processing all given information and doing own research. Based on that I'll create the first concept and collate it with you to ensure meeting your expectations.

step 3      

Design process &
second feedback loop


This is where the magic happens: All the concepts and strategies flow into the design process. At the time that my work is done, I'm going to present it to you – followed by your feedback.

step 4      

Final presentation &
last feedback loop


After implementing your feedback, I'm going to present the final proposal. Now everything should be sparkling and finished, none the less, there should be room for some minor last corrections.

step 5      

Last adaptions,
project-handover & 

happy people


This is the best part: I hand over the finished project and may look into one or more happy faces. But it is not a goodbye forever: My doors are always open for further inspiring projects.

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